Which Senators and Reps support Family Court Reform?

Today you hold the power.  After the election, the power goes to the elected.  While you still have the power, investigate the people wanting to represent you in Tallahassee.  If you have similar values, vote for them.  If not, DON”T VOTE FOR THEM. How can you find out?purple-keyboard-campaign-4-family-justice-2016

Vote For Reformers and We Can Stack The Deck

 DO YOUR PART and Contact your State Legislator Candidates

Click Here for a list of candidates running for the Florida House of Representatives

To find what Senate District you are in, Click Here
To find what Representative District you are in, Click Here

Early voting is already taking place.  Make your vote count.  Select the candidates who share your family values.  Let’s make Florida‘s “Family” Laws Family Friendly.  Let’s cut the unnecessary emotional and financial stresses. Family laws should help our families, not divide them.

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Dear Family Law Reform Members:

Like many of you, I am disheartened by the choices we have for our upcoming President.  In my opinion, neither candidate exemplifies the many qualities I would like my President to have.  Tsk, tsk for me.  It doesn’t matter.  Like you, I still must choose.  The choice, for me, will be who I consider the lesser of two evils.  It’s certainly not optimal, but it’s the choice given to us.  Sometimes its better to have a choice, than to have no choice at all.
We have a choice with alimony reform as well.  We can do nothing and hope for the best from the Family Section (which will be nothing), or we can do everything within our power to continue to make the Family Section and Legislators alike agree that alimony reform is necessary and demanded by our citizens.
I remember a time where changing the law in our State for divorce was impossible.  It wasn’t too long ago that we were told that Florida has amoung the ‘most progressive family laws in the Nation.’  With hard work, dedication, and financial support from you, our members, we were able to change the minds of the Family Section leadership and get an alimony reform bill on the Governors desk for his signature two times out of 6 years.   That is a huge accomplishment as politics go.
We went from not having any choice in changing the law, to actually (almost) getting the law changed.  Is the new proposed law everything we could ever desire…no.  Is it far better than where we currently are…definately yes!!!  The fact of the matter is that our Legislators expect us to propose alimony reform once again this upcoming session.  They expect us not to give up, or give in to the powers that have pushed us off the mountain the last few times we got there.  They expect us to keep on educating the new Legislators and keep on pushing for alimony and family law reform now and in the future because they know that family law reform is what is right for our citizens.
With your continued assistance, we will once again go to Tallahassee and lobby for alimony reform.  We have the votes, but it’s going to be very close this Session.  We have to continue to push to make things happen.  With any luck, we will also have direct responses from the Governor as we get our bill closer to his desk for his signature.  We will know what, if any changes and/or additions must be made to the bill to enable him to sign on the dotted line.
You can choose to vote for our next President, or not.  You can also choose to help change our current family law, or not.  It’s up to you.  The choice is yours.  Together we can make the changes necessary to help our divorcing families. Let’s all make the right choice!


Source: Do you know which FL Senator and Rep to vote for?civil-rights-in-an-election-year-2016

Unless there is a strong voice in Tallahassee, Florida’s family laws will remain the same. 


Have you ever heard, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  The wheel needed grease for a while, but until the wheel started making noise and getting attention, nothing was done.
For any law to be reformed, there must be a “squeaky wheel.”  Someone or some group of people must bring the need for any law reform to our legislators, who then must begin to understand the depth of the issue and agree that the law needs to be changed.  This must happen over and over with many legislators.
To do this requires many things.  It’s certainly easier to get legislators on board with family law reform if they agreed we needed reform BEFORE THEY WERE ELECTED.  That’s why it’s so important to know who you’re voting for. florida-child-custody-law-2017 The more pro-reform legislators we have in Tallahassee, the more likely we are to get a meaningful alimony reform bill to our governor’s desk,  this time for his Signature!
Once in Tallahassee our legislators need continuing education about Florida family laws.  This is accomplished by your emails explaining your situation to your legislators and asking for their support for family law reform.
It also takes people connecting the dots in Tallahassee.  The right lobbyists have contacts and can open doors to speak directly to key Senators and Representatives to educate them about the need for family law reform and explain what current laws are doing to Florida families.  Without lobbyists working behind the scenes it is practically impossible to get a law changed.
Another factor is having a strong organization behind the issue.  When legislators know Family Law Reform (FLR) has thousands of members who support the issue of updating our laws their ears open a little wider.  And if the organization is recognized as credible and reasonable, the ears open still wider.
We are fortunate to have built a reputation in Tallahassee as being credible and reasonable with our requests.  We are very fortunate to have had Alan Frisher help build our credibility by speaking professionally with many legislators through many trips to Tallahassee and throughout the state.
For many of us to take off work, drive to Tallahassee and meet with legislators or their staff is time and cost prohibitive.  How can you take off work when you have an alimony payment to make?  It’s very tough.  It’s much easier and much less costly to pay someone else to do it.  Figure out what it costs you to take off work for 1-2 days (Tallahassee is a long way from Miami) then appreciate the fact that someone can do it for you at a fraction of your pay loss.
Unless we have a strong voice in Tallahassee, any law changes are next to impossible. Please help support FLR with your vetting of the candidates, your votes, your letters and emails to the legislators and your financial support for the lobbyists and FLR representation in Tallahassee.
From the start we knew this was a multi year mission.  This is a David and Goliath scenario.  The Family Section of the Florida Bar will continue to try to monetize divorce, alimony, child custody and any modifications because it creates conflict and billable hours.  For our families sake, and for our society’s sake, this must stop.
With your help, we’ll make a big dent in Florida “Family” Laws when our legislators meet in Tallahassee. Thanks for being part of the solution!tallahassee-thousand-2016

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Goals of the Fathers' Rights Movement The fathers' rights movement arose in response to the perception that fathers were not being given equal treatment in child custody litigation. Fathers' advocacy groups typically to focus upon some or all of the following beliefs: A "traditional" division of parental roles during a marriage should not of itself mean that the father should not be considered as a custodian following divorce; Children are best served by being in the care of both parents, and thus there should be a legal presumption of joint physical custody and equal parenting time following divorce; Fathers are at a disadvantage throughout the entire custody litigation process. Fathers' rights groups assert that changes of this nature will create a family court environment where both parents are treated fairly and equally, and diminish the effects of legislation and, in some cases, of judicial bias which favors the mother. Fathers' rights groups also typically point to studies which show that the absence of a father from a child's life can lead to a wide variety of negative behavioral and educational consequences. Because We’re Not Asking You To Make A Career Out Of This Cause. We’re just asking you to show your kids and everyone else what it means to have the integrity to stand up for others and do what’s right; regardless of your personal circumstances. We’re asking you to make a powerful point by speaking with what you do; not with what you say you’ll do. Are you with us? The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents JOIN US~~> www.causes.com/AFLA JOIN US~~> www.causes.com/causes/804504-american-fathers-rights-afla

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