The starting place of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is with the Child’s Puppet Master

Alienation is a crime - 2015The Child’s Puppet Master, is the alienating parent. This is the parent who bestows power unto the children in the framework of a crusade of disparagement against another parent. This alienating parent writes the scripts, and the children acts on them to the detriment of the other parent, primarily in the context of custody litigation.

In fact, these protagonists repeat this denigration in order to maintain alienation. Yet, there are other dynamics that contribute to PAS that aren’t as obvious. One of which being the very child affected by PAS themselves through a loss of ambivalence. They are empowered by the precise programming of the alienating parent. Passivity on the part of the alienated parent has also been a factor attributing to PAS, as well as the judicators within the adversarial system.

The Alienating Parent’s Affects on Empowering the PAS ChildTAKE BACK FATHERHOOD 2015 - AFLA

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It is within the adversarial process that a child develops the distinctive symptoms of parental alienation syndrome. It is at this delicate stage when an alienating parent becomes prone to influence their children into behaving negatively toward the opposing parent. This is carried out through a campaign of wicked idioms towards the targeted parent, in a manner where traditional rules of good conduct and respect are ignored.

Alienating parents are routinely accused of influencing their empowered children. PAS children hear their parents vindicating these claims repeatedly. To align with the alienating parent, children promote their independent thinking vehemently while undertaking the viewpoint of the alienating parent. In a paper written by Dr. Richard A. Gardner, the clinical professor of child psychiatry at Columbia University, who coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome, describes the children in these situations as doing so because “they fear that if they do not do so, they may lose the affection of the alienating parent.” This promotes the child’s license of empowerment.

“Hence, they profess that they are not passive weaklings parroting reflexively the campaign of denigration. Nor are they puppets or marionettes, automatically professing hatred for the victimized parent. Rather, they are intelligent, independent thinkers who have a mind of their own and have come to these conclusions free of any influence from the programming parent. This delusion, too, contributes to their sense of empowerment.”

The child of PAS, at the hand of the alienating parent, becomes obsessed with the hatred of the targeted parent and refutes any loving connection they shared with them. To accomplish such radical denunciation, the child begins to create illogical circumstances to align his acrimony. Anger against the alienated parent will be out of proportion to the child’s presenting issues. Condemnation towards the alienated parent may indeed be expressed immensely: refusing to visit with the parent or look at the parent, cursing, hanging up the telephone. The hatred of the parent often extends to include that parent’s complete extended family. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, with whom the child previously may have had loving relationships, are now viewed as similarly detestable.

On the contrary, the alienating parent becomes hailed as wonderfully devoted. In some cases of PAS, the alienating parent’s had an early involvement with the child that was stronger, therefore making the emotional connection additionally fervent. The parent with this strong psychological bond tends to be the mother. It could be concluded that the child will carry out the symptoms of PAS in order to maintain their deep-seated bond to the alienator. “The strong bond that forms in early life between the child and the primary caretaker produces immensely strong cravings for one another when there is threatened disruption of the relationship.” Conceivably the child may well be attempting desperately to preserve this bond as much as the alienating parent, under threats of disruption of the bond.

Moreover, the primary caregiver may be reacting in the face of loss. Dr. Gardner explains such an occurrence in his paper by saying, “Just as the child suffers psychologically from removal from the adult, so is the adult traumatized by removal from the child. The psychological trauma to the adult caused by such disruption can be immense, so much so that parenting capacity may be compromised.” The response to the threat of removal of their children through the employment of manipulative tactics that cause PAS, speaks to their lack in healthy parent capabilities.logo2b2-2b2016

Source: Parental Alienation Syndrome: An Abducted State of Mind

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So you’d rather watch tournament games and go bowling than support a “We Are Fathers” campaign for justice and equality. Well that’s your choice, it’s a free country, in theory anyway. But you should know that countless lawyers, child experts and bureaucrats are cheering you on because they profit from all this apathy and a misguided sense of priorities. In America today, our government is engaged in the lucrative expansion of a child control bureaucracy that is harming our families, productivity and moral fiber as a nation. This vast public enterprise has invaded every aspect of private life, often wielding power beyond that exercised by the NSA, CIA or IRS. It is a silent and insidious trend eroding parental rights repeatedly declared by our Supreme Court to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by the United States Constitution. This interest is shared equally by fathers and mothers. But in practice, the male half has not been accorded its rightful place among our human rights due to a profit motive in family court driven by needless custody, support and divorce contests. Census Bureau reports continue to show the gender disparities on all domestic fronts. After promoting a parental rights cause in Paris recently, I was amazed to note how a million people together with world leaders could rally in that city within days to support free speech. Meanwhile, here in the states, more than 70 million fathers have yet to mobilize after a century of widespread discrimination. Such discrimination is having harmful impacts on all aspects of society and quite likely the female population more so than its counterpart. Veterans, minorities and high profile figures are particularly vulnerable to a court system that has placed money and politics over genuine parent-child relationships. Fathers are a vital component of any social or family structure as they have been since the beginning of civilization. Unfortunately federal entitlement laws and incentive funding to the states have marginalized that role to a point of virtual extinction. This has led to educational costs, heinous crimes and moral deterioration on a vast scale corroborated by an exodus from all manner of religion. In practical terms, our taxpayers are funding the creation of social ills and then forced to pay for it on the back side with costly welfare programs. Future generations will look back one day and be amazed at how truly barbaric our domestic relations courts once were. A scheme of laws and processes derived from feudal equity doctrines has been retained which features loving parents engaged in brutal contests over their offspring in a public arena. A winner-take-all battle for custody leads to overregulation of families by the state and marginalization, alienation or outright extinction of one fit parent from the children’s lives. Anal investigations of the combatants’ backgrounds by self serving advisors incite further controversy to last a lifetime. It is a spectacle reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum. No person or entity has ever been able to achieve a comprehensive study of the vast detriment which this archaic custody and support system has had upon our society. Any such effort would assuredly be stymied because custody and unequal parenting are highly profitable. Yet common sense dictates that our nation could be well served with sweeping reforms here in our least scrutinized branch of government. We can put a man on the moon, split atoms, engage artificial intelligence and achieve vast breakthroughs in medicine but remain unable to extricate family courts from their nineteenth century practices.

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  1. Let no good deed go unpunished. With good intentions Judge Gorcyca acted in the best interest of children. Now that a judge has finally listened, we must stand and rally.
    Pathogenic parenting is a child protection issue NOT a ‪#‎childcustody‬ issue. When addressing ‪#‎PathogenicParenting‬, mistakes can and will be made attempting to do the right thing. Mistakes can be fixed. When it comes to a parent emotionally and psychologically abusing children through ‪#‎ParentalAlienation‬ and hostile aggressive parenting, “there is no right way to do the wrong thing.”
    CL: If you are a parent that has to deal with lies that have been untested, interference by the custodial parent and a full campaign of hatred from your kids and the ex, you need to speak up on behalf of this judge.
    We don’t just encourage you to read these posts, we encourage action. It is only by protecting the vulnerable judges who on occasion get it right and that do punish alienation can we send a message to the entire judicial bench that we are sick of it.
    Please write on behalf of this judge showing she used her judicial independence to heal this family because of the toxic brainwashing of the mother. Her conduct might not sit well with the board but her decisions were in the best interests of the children to end the parental alienation and dispense of testimony that did not make sense from the brainwashed children.
    Let the Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission know that you ‪#‎supportGorcyca‬.
    Larry S. Royster
    (517) 373-0120
    John Nevin, Communications Director
    (517) 373-0129
    Phone: (313) 875-5110
    Fax: (313) 875-5154

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