Judging Hon. Valerie R. Manno Schurr FL State Judge

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Get this incompetent bimbo off the bench and soon – she has no clue and a horrible disposition – treats people with disrespect and extreme arrogance – is ignorant of the law and one can only wonder how in God‘s name she is on the bench. A horrible injustice to the legal system in Miami-Dade County. She should be removed, with pleasure. – View Detail


We have to vote better!!!! This judge is the consequence of our votes, and she’s a totally incompetent and narcissistic witch! – View Detail


I believe Lady Justice with her scales of justice can see more than this Judge in family court. My only interaction was in an 20 minute emergency hearing to determine temporary (indefinite) child custody hearing concerning my daughter. I researched the honorable Judge Valerie Manno-Schurr, and her husband’s financial irregularities and I anticipated my uphill obstacles, before standing in front of her. I felt I was treated like a defendant in trial. I was not allowed to finish a complete sentence while she allowed to other party’s litigator to have the floor for ten minutes at a time. This is the judge that awarded the Berahona toddler twins into foster careNubia Barahona was MURDERED!! And her twin brother carries chemical skin scars for life.

I’ve contacted Loretta Lynch‘s D.O.J., in order for transparency. – View Detail

Same thing happened to me with my own kids, she decided for the big money side and at the end, the father of my kids don’t want his own kids at his home, lol, this judge is a disgrace for Miami Dade and mostly for the children. smh – View Detail

In today’s situation I was very disappointed with the Judge. From my previous experience I expected her to listen and to be fair, and to listen to all the evidence I had to present. However, she only listened to the other presenter, and already decided without hearing me out. I lost $3000 on this account. – View Detail

Horrible. Unfair and very disrespectful. – View Detail


I am very concerned with the people that sit in the chair of the judge and are in charge of delivering justice without picking a site based on personal opinion. I had the opportunity to observe a case with Valerie Manno as the judge and there was a minor involved in a serious case were negligence was one of the issues along with other serious allegations that has placed this minor in danger for various occasions. She presented herself in many court appointments with out preparing in advance for the case and the petitioner and the responded has had to explain everything from the beginning. In this case there was a lot of proof to cover the petition and she has decided to ignore and she is openly picking up one of the parties sides and taking into consideration the opinion of people that she has put on the case and those people have not have the courtesy of looking into the case. She is aware of the negligence, she has heard experts confirming the proof that has been presented to her and she is still making everything to proof otherwise. In the meantime there is a minor suffering the consequences of a judge making a decision based on personal preferences. My concern is: Should the safety of a minor be placed on the hands of someone that is not taking her job description seriously? She has openly offended one of the parties and accused without any consideration into what this person is going through for the past times having to deal with the issue at court and with the daily consequences in daily life of this issue. It is very sad to observe that the justice system that we all turn ourselves into for protection ends up punishing the innocents.
I would say that it is a mistake to observe a person for only objective. If someone has a history of drugs dealing problems, bad traffic record, bad attendance with court orders, bad record with child support payment, and now is responding to court for child negligence and this major issue, the judge should be looking at this person as a whole because all these records show that this is a person that tends to brake the law and has put a minor in danger. And this is the type of person that Valerie Manno chose to be in line with and comfort during court. Is the justice system sending a liberal message to the community and saying: hey it is okay to run a stop sign, a red light, it is okay to neglect your sons and daughters and it is okay to be late and owe child support, it is okay to be a delinquent? On the other side, the other party has a sparkling record and is doing great for the american society and this is the person that Valerie Manno decided to attack, the one that is defending a minor that was put in danger.
I hope this change soon because it is unfair that our country justice system is reduced to these opinions that I am reading below and the one that I am sadly sharing with all of you.
Despite all of this, I bless her and hope that she can find the peace and objective that our people deserve in a court of law. That the people that voted for her are expecting of her. – View Detail

This judge is a joke; I sat in court during her docket waiting to be heard and watched and listened to her rule completely the opposite on the same identical issue! Joke and a sorry day for kids-does she have any? – View Detail

This Judge is very disrespectful, completely unprofessional to other attorneys and to other parties in the Courtroom. Honestly I do not understand how she was reelected. – View Detail

Wow. The last poster is clearly friends with and has never appeared before this judge. She is one of the worst judges in Dade and that is saying something! – View Detail


Remove this woman from family court, perhaps at animal court can do some cleaning job, she has no idea of what she’s doing. – View Detail

Did someone remember the case of the Barahona twins? Because this judge was the one that relocate the twins in the house of the adoptive parents who abused them for years and unfortunately all ended in the tragedy of the death of the child, please take matter in this!!!! please remove this total disgrace from this court!!! – View Detail

Never pay attention to cases, totally distracted from the situation,instantly take sides,she don’t have a clue what being a judge is, never think in the children benefits, she should be out the bench now! – View Detail

This woman should not be a judge. She simply is not smart enough. Being a judge to her is about status and not service. You can clearly see by her evolution (hair extensions, fancy clothing and accessories, lateness, and attitude) that she thinks she is a queen sitting on a throne rather than a judge. – View Detail

I have found this judge to be totally unreasonable, and ignorant of the best interests of the child. She totally ignored the facts of the case and interjected her own personal beliefs into her judgement. She was biased against the party with the lesser income. She ignored accusations of abuse against the eventual winner. In my belief, she was totally wrong in her rendering of her decision. She seems to revel in removing children from their mothers and then erroneously labeling that mother as inadequate. Lastly, this judge will lead to the ruin of numerous children’s lives if she is permitted to remain on the bench. (I reference the Barahona twins as a prime example of the competency of this judge. Read the case for yourself.) – View Detail

Judge Manno Schurr is a person who never really looks into her cases. She set the client with the paid lawyer as the good parent. Her judgement of character is impaired by how one looks, not based on the facts. She is a time bomb, and the people need to vote her out of office. She knows all the lawyers, and she makes sure that their clients win, at the expense of the children. – View Detail

This woman is volatile and is only in office thanks to her husband and his money. She puts children’s lives in danger every day because she can not be bothered to do her job. Fortunately for my clients, she typically rules in favor of fathers. – View Detail

in response to #fl2844 please read the other comments left by others about judge manno-schurr. So, once again she is the worst judge in any courtroom in any state, that I have ever been in front of in my life. – View Detail

A total disgrace. her courtroom is basically a circus… a 5 min hearing lasted almost 3 hours… acknowledges litigants with “whats up”… Shows no respect to anyone acts like a diva/airhead… its judges like this that need to be replaced asap…our tax $$$ and time are being completely wasted on judges like manno-schurr… – View Detail

Last commentator has the percentages wrong. She doesn’t know what she’s doing 99% of the time; the remaining 1% is luck. Rarely shows up, works short hours, and signs ANYTHING placed in front of her. Picks sides without reading the materials, and does not understand anything she reads. Folks, it doesn’t get much worse than this. – View Detail

She does not know what she is doing 90% of the time. She is unorganized and appears confused. This is typical for Valerie. – View Detail

A true diva narcissist and a scary reflection of the Miami-Dade court system to have this frightful person sitting as a judge. Clueless, arrogant and undignified to serve in this position. Should be removed. – View Detail

To add to the last comment, she spent $250,000.00 of her own (husband’s money) to run for a job that pays $140K? Something stinks. Her husband is a loser weasel that can’t even try his own cases. – View Detail

Judge Manno Schurr does not have a clue even if it were to be staring her right in the face when it comes down to Family Court matters. She is INCOMPETENT as they come and should not be serving as a judge much less anything else in the Miami-Dade Court system. She is bias, unprofessional in addition to being derelict in her decisions.The most ARROGANT judge I’ve ever encountered. With JUDGES like her everyone should fear the worst, especially when dealing with children. If you don’t believe me, ask Victor Barahona; the surviving child from the nightmare Judge Manno-Schurr allowed to happen. – View Detail

My experience with her was HORRIFIC she did not read the paper work.. immediately took sides!!! Completely CLUELESS!! – View Detail

Another 6 years of this totally incompetent diva on the bench. truly, there is no justice. – View Detail

All court reporters hate this judge. – View Detail
I am in total shock. Avoid like the plague. She has no clue. – View Detail

My cat knows more law and has a better disposition. – View Detail


Last comment sounds like it was written by the judge or her lawyer spouse. It bears no correlation to reality. This judge’s only concern is her wardrobe, and the perks that come with the job, including people bowing and scraping, and her days off. She is an absolute disaster. – View Detail


She makes up for utter incompetence with intolerable arrogance. Ran for office with zero experience and is now an apparent expert on all subjects by virtue of her robe. Takes any effort to educate her as an insult and a question to authority. The worst possible type of judge. Stay away at all costs. – View Detail

Apparently anyone can become a judge. – View Detail


 Source: “The Robing Room” ~  Rate Judges and write comments about FL State Judges

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