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Justice Denied - No Jury in Family Courts - 2016

Source: New bill could mean big changes for alimony in Florida

Children are human beings, not belongings. Children need the love, caring, nurturing, and guidance of both their mother and father throughout their lives. “Awarding” custody of a child to either the mother or father in divorce creates an atmosphere of contempt and competition, but more importantly it deprives the child of the benefit of the day to day nurturing of either their mother or father. 

The Boston-based National Parents Organization believes the state’s child custody law is outdated and does not fit the modern family. The overhaul bill would allow children to spend more time with the non-custodial parent, typically the father.

President of the National Parents Organization Ned Holstein told 22News, “It decreases hostility and bitterness between parents. It treats them more fairly. It encourages judges to favor a parent who is cooperating with the other parent.”

Opponents believe the bill is centered too much on the parents and does not put enough emphasis on the children. Women’s Bar Association Kim Doughterty said, “Parents who deserve custody will get custody if it’s in the best interest of the child.”

The bill would encourage family court judges to award at least one-third of the parenting time to each parent after the divorce. It would also give judges more power to punish parents who do not comply with time orders. One state lawmaker told 22News the state should slowly implement changes to the child custody law.

“You move things gradually. You don’t want to necessarily throw the family court into a tizzy,” said State Rep. Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk).

The bill must win approval from the legislature’s Judiciary Committee before it can reach the House floor for a vote. Much of the bill is inspired by a state working group established by former Governor Deval Patrick.

Dysfunctional Family Courts - 2015

Proof Family Law is Broken - 2016

Let’s Join Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Reform!
Let us make the politicians and media aware of all the knowledge we have of Family Court and Child Protection


Adopt Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines
Repeal Inconsistent Rules and Presumptions – Ask the Family Court to adopt uniform rules requiring equal parenting time

Stand Up For Zoraya
Bring awareness, celebrate, and support Father-Daughter Relationship Education

Get the News Media Attention on Family Law Reform
Children, Families and Society as a whole are being undermined by the effects Family Law Courts, Child Protection

World4Justice – Lobby Forum- Justice4Children

Demanding that Family Courts fulfill public’s right to fair, efficient justice with dignity, professionalism, courtesy. 

Bring awareness to Parental Alienation in Family Court
Parental Alienation deprives children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents

Reform Family Law ~ Stop Hurting Parents and Children
World4Justice : Cyber Protest! Put Family Justice and Child Welfare Reform at the top of Politicians Agenda! 

Add 28th Parental Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution
Dedicated to the proposition that children are best served by having unfettered EQUAL access to BOTH parents.

Stop Court Ordered Parental Alienation and Judicial Misconduct

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Goals of the Fathers' Rights Movement The fathers' rights movement arose in response to the perception that fathers were not being given equal treatment in child custody litigation. Fathers' advocacy groups typically to focus upon some or all of the following beliefs: A "traditional" division of parental roles during a marriage should not of itself mean that the father should not be considered as a custodian following divorce; Children are best served by being in the care of both parents, and thus there should be a legal presumption of joint physical custody and equal parenting time following divorce; Fathers are at a disadvantage throughout the entire custody litigation process. Fathers' rights groups assert that changes of this nature will create a family court environment where both parents are treated fairly and equally, and diminish the effects of legislation and, in some cases, of judicial bias which favors the mother. Fathers' rights groups also typically point to studies which show that the absence of a father from a child's life can lead to a wide variety of negative behavioral and educational consequences. Because We’re Not Asking You To Make A Career Out Of This Cause. We’re just asking you to show your kids and everyone else what it means to have the integrity to stand up for others and do what’s right; regardless of your personal circumstances. We’re asking you to make a powerful point by speaking with what you do; not with what you say you’ll do. Are you with us? The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents JOIN US~~> JOIN US~~>

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