Over 50 State Lawmakers Support Child Custody Law Reform

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22News explains why some believe the bill only benefits parents, not the children.

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts joins nearly twenty other states in the country looking to update its child custody laws.

The Boston-based National Parents Organization believes the state’s child custody law is outdated and does not fit the modern family. The overhaul bill would allow children to spend more time with the non-custodial parent, typically the father.

President of the National Parents Organization Ned Holstein told 22News, “It decreases hostility and bitterness between parents. It treats them more fairly. It encourages judges to favor a parent who is cooperating with the other parent.”

Supporting Shared Parenting ~ Linda J Gottlieb LMFT LCSW
Children's Rights Facebook Group - 2015Opponents believe the bill is centered too much on the parents and does not put enough emphasis on the children. Women’s Bar Association Kim Doughterty said, “Parents who deserve custody will get custody if it’s in the best interest of the child.”

State Judges are Clowns - 3 Ring Circus - AFLA Blog - 2015The bill would encourage family court judges to award at least one-third of the parenting time to each parent after the divorce. It would also give judges more power to punish parents who do not comply with time orders. One state lawmaker told 22News the state should slowly implement changes to the child custody law.

“You move things gradually. You don’t want to necessarily throw the family court into a tizzy,” said State Rep. Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk).

The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents - 2015The bill must win approval from the legislature’s Judiciary Committee before it can reach the House floor for a vote. Much of the bill is inspired by a state working group established by former Governor Deval Patrick

Source: More than 50 state lawmakers support child custody law reform

Source: More than 50 state lawmakers support child custody law reform

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Fighting to preserve Parent–Child relationships to improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting t he child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation/divorce. Dedicated to the proposition that children are best served by having unfettered EQUAL access to BOTH parents and to the ...proposition that fathers are indispensable. Improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform!! It's about the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to the young, including their right to association with both biological parents.

6 thoughts on “Over 50 State Lawmakers Support Child Custody Law Reform”

  1. I have not seen my baby girl since oct 2014 … I am I informed there is a bench warrant for my arrest … Even though I have a 16 yr old daughter at home who also hasn’t seen her sister in over a year and I am also signed up on disability an waiting on a decision I am just now getting on my feet a little bit was hard saving enough money to get us something to ride we live in my 16 yr olds soc security …,560 a month it surely is not in the best interest of my 26 yr old for me to be jailed for 6months. I am the mother my babies father wants my head an si far be is bern able to alienate us severely the ds.age he had caused cannot be fixed I can only hope that when I travel 5 hours away to see her for Christmas he don’t have the police waiting … A chance I am willing to take …please help my family… And reform Boyle county family court !!!… Judge Petrie had ruled in his favor each an everytime wr have been in court … They are sure I’m not worthy of my child plz help …plz make changes this is detrimental to my girls and me,!!!!!!!!

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  2. I can’t believe the President of Womens Bar Association made that comment.

    She should read this:

    Re: American Childrens’ Safety, or a lack thereof.

    here’s the links:

    There are 31 videos in total so far…..found here

    I really want to bring attention to this issue. This is one of a million mothers who have lost custody to an abuser, and been alienated by the court and federal funding incentives. This channel, The Women’s Coalition has about 20 videos like this of mothers, all over the nation, who have been abused by a contentious system that exploits children to extort child support with a federal match and receives funding to give custody to fathers through fatherhood.gov.


    Child sexual abuse among white upper middle class fathers is an epidemic in 2016. We need a trusted adult.

    In 2013; my little boy reported sexual abuse by his father. I filed a PFA. through a series of court actions, the court reversed custody. my child was removed from first grade by a cop and forced to live exclusively with his abuser. This separated my boys, and destroyed our life. I blame CPS. They are a completely inept, child trafficking agency. They are disinterested in actual abuse. I also sourced the issue around police response to domestic violence, as well as the incentivized court/legal system. My 18 yo has severe ptsd from witnessing police forcefully enter our home, beat me, arrest me, and take my child. No warrant, no shoes, no carseat. luckily, my (18m) son videotaped the attacks, despite his brother crying in terror.

    The abuser/father is a convicted murderer currently on parole for negligent homocide. http://www.seacoastonline.com/article/20010118/NEWS/301189996

    They just dont care.

    They receive funding to “reunify” prisoners…or “ex prisoners as fathers”


    Unless they are exposed, this will continue. This is the most absolute torture of a person that you can experience. Watch it. Share. Talk about this issue. Hundreds of billions of American tax dollars fund these catastrophic agencies that conduct their own agenda despite the circumstances. They dont even make sense. They just spew canned responses. Its such a traumatic experience.

    So, CPS, PD, enter the District attorneys office…the lawyer for the departments….they receive funding for Office of Victims of Crime/Violence Against Women Act/Child Mental health/abuse so they control every aspect of opportunity for support. The DA office or the state, as it were; controls the funding for all the Domestic Violence programs. I was refused access to the DV agency in my jurisdiction, twice. The second time I tried to get support, the advocate came out with a note that said they tried to call me, and they cant help. My state was just awarded $800,000 in federal funding for Domestic Violence because the DV homicide rate is staggering. http://www.centralmaine.com/2014/12/31/maines-stubborn-domestic-violence-homicide-statistic-has-chilling-twist/

    This https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/01/30/think-mom-believes/gu9DSJKHyriBvO10offZPP/story.html Article is sadly a common story. The agencies in place to protect women and children are failing to protect our precious children. If one mother lost custody to an abuser based on circumstances, or even ten families destroyed by slipping through the cracks, it could be explained away by complicit lawyers and judges. If it were’nt happening to millions of families, mothers and fathers; powerless against a system bent on extortion of children; we could accept the ambiguous bullshit about why they are forcing our children to live in fear and isolation.


    Family Division isnt even a court, its a corporation. The incestuous, misogynistic “association” and their “agency” “department” and the Attorney General as counsel. Yep, its a conflict on its face. These attorneys took $100k in fees and court expenses. To exploit my little boy. Funded/incentivized by hard working American tax dollars. Bazillions. I have researched this issue from every possible angle. AMA. I have the funding streams, the douche whips that perpetrate these crimes, and the municipal agencies that enforce the orders. CPS has its over reach preside over every hospital in America. The doctors say what they need to, CPS backs it up, and the State is their attorney. No parent, even with effective counsel and adequate resources, can touch that power. The DOE is in charge of the school, which has a CPS liasonThey never actually act on actual abuse, but fuck all if they don’t remove kids from pot smokers, only to have foster parents kill the 3 y.o. little girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osSkazZtMg0&app=desktop
    Happens everyday. Kids like mine, are forced into rape and abuse in isolation from the only support they knew. The community hears the agencies, schools etc telling horror stories (fabricated) about the parent that loses custody, often leaving the community after much unwarranted persecution. The stories are horrific.

    It is impossible to protect a child from intra-familial abuse in 2016. There is, in fact; an underground of safe houses where mothers hide families who are forced to run from the court to protect their children. Its a complete mess. The child support enforcement/recovery and access and visitation grants through DHHS are funding the extortion, by exploiting and trafficking children through CPS and Family Division (Court). The Family Court System in my state alone receives 60 million in funding annually. http://www.ncsc.org/Information-and-Resources/Budget-Resource-Center/Budget_Funding/Maine.aspx

    This, is the result of the legal abuse. TRAUMA.

    So, yeah; youre probably either pretty pissed off, or I did’nt explain it right.

    http://www.afccnet.org/ AFCC is an agency that is organizing the extortion in family courts. They hire “professionals” psychologists, doctors, guardian ad litems, and they use these agents to force the parent, already responsible for child support, to pay for supervised visitation, despite a lack of any harm, suspected harm, or otherwise. Yeah, they get $65/hr. to watch you play with your child in an odd, foreign environment; while they watch you and take notes. Sure to prevent, well; in my case it was unanswered as to what exactly necessitated the “supervision”.

    It was’nt until after I spent $100k, a month in jail, three forced in a psy hospital as “incompetent to stand trial”. Reason: “not getting along with lawyers” that I realized there was never gonna be a “trusted adult”. Just many organizations in collusion to extort money from my family and American taxpayers.

    The APA knows Psy are abusing licensing, DHHS knows what they’re doing, DOJ knows the dirty little secret of racketeering and fraud within the Family Division. Police act out orders of the court. If they have them. If they don’t, they just go under the color of law. No one will listen, respond, or correct the over-reaching “state” and its abusive practices. They claim CPS has immunity. Not true. They need to be sued. Enough is enough. No mother would rather sue CPS than have them do their jobs, but they are’nt. They are an epic fail. The entire system is.

    I do have solutions. It seems simple to me. CPS social workers report observations of social dynamics of families, investigators find/gather facts, experts define abuse. Done. Shut down the trafficking. DO NOT ADOPT. Please. If you do, PLEASE be SURE the family gave up the child, and the child is ok with that because the abuse was so horrific. The agencies in my state advertise the kids they steal everywhere. Its unabashed child trafficking.


    They pay social workers $40k and good dental benefits to do the dirty work, through Fed Fund$ they make bazillions.


    Annually. So many kids die in foster care. The rest, are abused.


    Taken from loving homes, that that at the very least needed support, not trauma.

    The failure of CPS effect on families in crisis causes permanent damage.


    The failure of the nation in the Domestic Violence field is harming millions. False accusations, unwarranted arrest of “alleged perpetrators, failure to identify predominant aggressor all add up to the world being a dangerous place for women and children.
    We, the people, must come together in solidarity against violence.
    Please speak on this. Have the courage to start a conversation that matters. For the children.


    58,000 annually forced into court ordered loss of a custodial parent, often the protective mother; who was unable to keep her child safe from an contentious system.

    TL/DR domestic violence and child abuse are destroying families in epidemic proportions based on systemic failure.

    PLEASE SPEAK ABOUT THIS ISSUE. you’re not special.

    You’re next.

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